Ordinal Science!

Solving problems with AI.

Ordinal Science is a research and innovation lab working for companies and non-profits. We develop impactful AI solutions that advance the capabilities of the industry and the potential of humanity.

Our team of business professionals, software developers, and mathematicians work to tackle difficult technological challenges in manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare.

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why us?

Confluence of business and science

Our team is experienced in delivering practical solutions. Artificial intelligence is cool but it must serve the primary objective of your organization, be it profitability, effective policy, or better patient outcomes.

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what we do

Difficult problems, practical solutions

We use artificial intelligence, mathematics, and data science to help your organization execute advanced technology ideas. Our expertise:

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project space

Intelligent Software

Functional AI

Cognitive systems for task automation and decision support.

Deep Understanding

Data Science

Deep data insight with machine learning and statistics.

Smart Technology


Research and guidance to future-proof your data analytics.