Ordinal Science

We solve practical problems for organizations using functional AI and data science. Our team is comprised of business professionals, software developers, and mathematicians with the expertise to help your organization benefit from AI technology. We tackle a spectrum of problems with a focus on difficult and unusual tasks.

Project Space

Functional AI

We build AI software that handles tasks previously done by people, or complex task that could not be done before.

Data Science

We use mathematical and statistical approaches to answer deep analytical questions using data at rest or in real-time streams.


We help organizations decide if AI and IoT are right for them. We work together to define and execute projects with high ROI potential.

our history

1997 -

We catch the AI bug while studying neural networks at our universities.

2000 -

Start the first venture and build transportation planning software. Launch it as SaaS in 2003.

2005 -

Build an onboard computer for vehicle telematics application. Expand the business into early IoT.

2010 -

Begin our path in Big Data and Streaming while expanding the transportation software business

2015 -

Focus on AI and data science as our primary activity.


  • Testimonial #3

    We use Monte Carlo simulations for parameter search and evaluation of probabilistic models.

    Monte Carlo SimulationsManager
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  • Testimonial #2

    We process real-time high volume streams from sensors and data acquisition devices. Our machine learning software learns the operating parameters and issues warnings when anomalies are detected.

    Anomaly Detection in StreamsConsultant
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  • Testimonial #1

    We develop projects that analyze photo and video images in real-time for visual anomalies and object identification.

    Computer VisionDesigner
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