ai for software

We help software companies integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning technology into existing and new software products.

Project Ideas

Functional AI

Learn and automate repetitive user workflows with machine learning software integrated into your application.

Data Science

Introduce analytical inventory management tool that learns from history and predicts needs.


Identify customer centric AI features to integrate into the application product map.

our process

1 -

We work with you to develop the business case and user stories

2 -

Our team delivers the sprint plan and resource requirements for the project.

3 -

We execute the POC to validate the methodology and efficacy of the solution.

4 -

We take solutions to production after the successful proof of concept.


  • Testimonial #3

    We use Monte Carlo simulations for parameter search and evaluation of probabilistic models.

    Monte Carlo SimulationsManager
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  • Testimonial #2

    We process real-time high volume streams from sensors and data acquisition devices. Our machine learning software learns the operating parameters and issues warnings when anomalies are detected.

    Anomaly Detection in StreamsConsultant
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  • Testimonial #1

    We develop projects that analyze photo and video images in real-time for visual anomalies and object identification.

    Computer VisionDesigner
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