Advanced Analytics

Ordinal Science integrates Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence approaches into practical business scenarios. We focus on anomaly detection systems and predictive neural networks. But we also are exploring very interesting core AI problems.

We use open source technology to build advanced analytics systems. We combine many years of expertise with proven tools such as TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch to achieve real solutions.


Value Proposition

Ordinal Science specializes in working with companies that have embraced analytics as a key strategy to their success. Our strength is adapting the latest academic research in predictive modeling, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence into the practical tools of forward looking companies. If you are looking to glean insight from your data then let us teach your data to work for you.

The Process

We begin with developing a business case for your analytics project. Our team works with you to understand your business objectives, as well as the availability and quality of data. We rapidly develop models and conduct controlled studies to validate the efficacy and accuracy of the solutions. The winning designs are scaled to production and automated within your process.

Start Your Journey

If you are ready to generate more revenue, increase product or service utilization, and capitalize on opportunities, then you need a forward-thinking data analytics solution. Through descriptive, real-time and predictive analytics we will provide valued insight into your business. Call us to setup a personal consultation with our team.

Descriptive Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics