Artificial Intelligence for Business

Ordinal Science builds practical AI software for industry. Our expertise is in computer vision, anomaly detection, multi-variate predictive modeling, and ensemble AI systems. We integrate artificial neural networks into production pipelines to enable real-time machine learning applications.

We use neurocomputing to solve real business problems in manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and engineering.

Industry Examples

Computer vision for manufacturing QA automation, medical image segmentation and diagnosis, video analysis for safety and billing.

Anomaly detection for abnormal software usage, unsafe driving identification, equipment performance and failure prediction.

Current projects

Computer vision and robotics for subject identification in video, and camera movement automation for subject tracking.

Ensemble AI system for comprehensive transportation dispatching and planning software with adaptive learning capability.

Our process

We work with your team to complete the business case. We break the project into tractable user stories and agile sprints.

We deliver a rapid prototype for early efficacy validation. Then scale the project to production demands.


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