Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics Solutions evaluate data streams to make predictions about the future. Artificial Intelligence models learn from stores of data to identify patterns and correlates in order to make high accuracy predictions. The AI models continue to learn from new data and adjust to the changing business conditions. The predictions are delivered to end users at designated time intervals or on demand to make fast, reliable decisions.

“As data piles up, we have ourselves a genuine gold rush. But data isn’t the gold. I repeat, data in its raw form is boring crud. The gold is what’s discovered therein.”

– Eric Siegel, Author of Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die.


Your company has developed an analytics practice but a few challenges still remain. The data sources are siloed, reports take a while to prepare, and information is a snapshot of the past. Many decisions are made with a mixture of expertise and personal opinion, with very few hard facts. Making decisions for your business without predictive insight is like driving a car while looking through a rearview mirror. What if you could change your point-of-view and your data drive you?


Ordinal Science specializes in adapting academic research into practical needs of businesses. Our focus is on building Artificial Intelligence systems utilizing deep neural networks. We ingest available data from many sources, generate tensors, then make predictions in real-time. As conditions change, the models maintain accuracy with online learning from recent data. Predictions are available through our intuitive interfaces or web services.


Ordinal Science will help you identify a business case for predictive modeling. We will design and develop a practical predictive machine learning solution. We will work with your team to validate and integrate the solution into the operational process. Ordinal Science will teach your data to work for you to optimize resource investment into projects. Creating the highest reward and processes for a quantifiable evaluation of future options.

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