Intelligent Software

Creating AI Resources

Cognitive systems for task automation and decision support.

Functional AI

What is Functional AI? We think of it as an extension of your workforce. As your people perform operational tasks so does the AI software that we build for you. The AI focuses on the tasks for which they are particularly suited - learning repetitive actions, finding patterns in multi-dimensional data, and assisting with decisions based on large datasets. Ordinal Science builds your AI resources.

Data Science

Can data science help your organization? Yes! Machine learning, predictive modeling, and advanced analytics are bringing deep insight to data-driven decisions across a wide spectrum of industries. Ordinal Science can deliver your data science projects from beginning to end. Or, we can help you build the data science team and launch high-value projects.

Deep Understanding

Data Driven Decisions

Deep data insight with machine learning and statistics.

Smart Technology

Developing a Path

Research and guidance to future-proof your data analytics.


AI, machine learning, and data science are hot topics today. But is it right for your organization? Ordinal Science helps evaluate the impact of these technologies on your business. We design an adaption strategy based on practical organizational objectives. Our team works with you to define high-value projects, conduct feasibility research, and prototype development.


  • Testimonial #3

    We use Monte Carlo simulations for parameter search and evaluation of probabilistic models.

    Monte Carlo SimulationsManager
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  • Testimonial #2

    We process real-time high volume streams from sensors and data acquisition devices. Our machine learning software learns the operating parameters and issues warnings when anomalies are detected.

    Anomaly Detection in StreamsConsultant
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  • Testimonial #1

    We develop projects that analyze photo and video images in real-time for visual anomalies and object identification.

    Computer VisionDesigner
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